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We are the worlds most dangerous Elvis tribute & Rock n Roll revue. We've been featured on Fox 2 & Detroit News and local Detroit channels. We play 50's Rock, Car Rock, Rockabilly revival, Oldies, Punk and sounds from the underground. We've performed at art shows, burlesque shows, car shows, bike shows, roller derby, pro-wrestling, various Halloween themed events, rockabilly festivals, heritage festivals, metal shows, punk shows, variety shows and one wedding. We also book our own "showcase" shows where we perform a 3 set night or have opening band(s).  We're a tribute, not just for Elvis, for Rock N Roll itself. We also offer amazing rock "mash-ups" and original material in a garage/punk/rockabilly revival style.


What is The Devil Elvis Show?

Formed in early 2007, The Devil Elvis Show is a Rock & Roll band from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area that specializes in performing Elvis tunes in a unique and modern way. Combining 50’s Rock & Roll with elements of rockabilly, country, punk, soul, and R & B. Devil Elvis is more than a tribute to Elvis, it is a

tribute to Rock & Roll itself. The band appeals to anyone that enjoys a rockin’ good time.




Who is Devil Elvis?

The band’s front man, Devil Elvis, is an ultra Rock n’ Roll Elvis-like personality; like Presley’s mischievous twin from another dimension. The rest of the colorful characters in the band help put on an over-the-top stage show that incorporates humor, fun, high-energy antics, and lots of crowd participation and dance

routines. The Devil Elvis show can bring on a straight-forward rock concert, but it also likes to run the performance in the fashion of an old-style “stage review” by bringing out a variety of guest performers and special appearances or performances to add spice to the show. Whatever the occasion, The Devil Elvis Show can entertain audiences of all ages and all types.



Bands members include- Dr. K.K. Dirty Money- Guitars and backing vocals, Lianna Loretta- Bass Guitar, backing vocals, Stoneil- drums and backing vocals, Crimson Cat- backing vocals and percussion AND Devil Elvis- Lead Vocals,  drums/percussion, guitar and gyrating.


venues: Village Idiot (Ohio), Blind Pig, Brauerhouse (Illinois), Crossroads, Woodruffs, Wolverine Brewery, Tip Top Deluxe (Grand Rapids), Smalls, Masonic Temple Detroit (roller derby), the magic Stick, The Roche (Port Huron), The Crofoot, The All Around, The New Dodge, The Old Miami, Cork Town tavern and machine shop...& more


bands:  Hillbilly Casino, Murder Party, Krank Daddies, 50 Amp Fuse, Black Jake and The Carnies, Delilah Dewilde and the lost boys, Gutter Ghouls, Surfing Pharaohs, 60 second crush, Mike Hard, Ghost City Searchlight, Cash O'Reilly, Pat V and the Detroit 3...& many more


festivals and other events: Detroit Derby Girls Elvis Night, Uncle Sam Jam (Woodhaven Mi), Chelsea Mi sights and sounds, Recoveryfest/Soberfest(s) (Virginia and Michigan),Theater Bazaar Art Show (Detroit),The Dirtiest Most Bizaare ART SHOW That is NOT In The Alley EVER!!! (Detroit), Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, Annual Summer Solstice Party (Whitmore Lake), Michigan Elvis Fest UN-Official Afterparty (Ypsilanti), The Ton Up motorcycle festival (Ypsilanti), Rumbleville (Flint), The Ann Arbor Derby Dimes Annual Birthday Bash (Ann Arbor), Sober Fest (Ann Arbor), The Dexter Tornado Relief Benefit w/ The Bumpin’ Uglies (Pinckney)....and beyond!




Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY-9T46P6KE&list=UU39_w6S0h_Tn_DQfhEoTWKw


Video-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x271RRUA8P8


Management- Delvis Entertainment- https://www.facebook.com/delvisentertainment


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Thank you...thank you very much- Chris aka Chops aka Devil Elvis 313 618 5334






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